About Institute

Institute for cultural research
(Institute of culturology)
National Academy of Arts of Ukraine

TheInstitute for cultural research (Institute of culturology)of National Academy of Arts of Ukraine is founded in 2007, according to the Order of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from May, 30, 2007 357-p and Decree of Presidium of National Academy of Arts of Ukraine from June, 14, 2007. The Institute is a research organization in the area of fundamental studies and applied analytics of Ukrainian culture.

The core tasks of the Institute are:
  • realization of fundamental and applied studies in theory and history of culture, ethnocultural research and cultural anthropology, museum-specific and monument-specific studies, applied cultural practices and world culture and international cultural relations, practical and scientific activities ensuring the development of national culture;
  • development and implementation of new artistic technologies and practices;
  • scientific and creative support for the growth of Ukrainian culture and integration of Ukraine to the international cultural community.

Activity of the Institute for cultural research (Institute of culturology)of NAAU is grounded on the principle of the creation of efficient scientific and artistic teams, engaging the leading scientists in the field of cultural studies, history and theory of art, sociology of culture and philosophy of culture.

The structure of theInstitute for cultural research (Institute of culturology)of NAAU includes several scientific departments and laboratories, fulfilling fundamental research and practical analytics, supervision of editorial activity and preparation of scientific works for publishing.

Economic basis of activity of the Institute is dependent on budget of Ukraine, which covers expenditures on scientific research, the target-financing of scientific, artistic and cultural programs and projects.

Employees of the Institute participate in numerous conferences, symposiums, panel-discussions and other scientific events in close cooperation with leading scientific organizations and educative institutions.